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rules and player guidelines


adults only
While we do mean 'adult' in terms of maturity, we also mean it in terms of actual, physical age. Moray Beach is an 18+ community due to the types of storylines we are open to.

We give the players freedom to pursue any storylines they want, but we do have guidelines. Obviously, anything that might be offensive or triggering in a thread should be labelled as such, and it should always be cleared with the person you are playing opposite.
Also be aware that when engaging in storylines, your characters are NOT operating in a vacuum. If your character commits a crime, they broke the law in Moray Beach and may have to face the consequences.
We allow quite a few things, but we absolutely do not allow bestiality or pedophilia. If it's something to get your journal deleted from the site, then it's a no-go. We reserve the right to add to this list as time goes on and things come up.
Respect for each other is a huge deal for the mods, and should be for you, too. If we find you lacking in this area, then there is no point in you being in the game any further. We understand this is a wishy-washy explanation, but if you're a mature player then this should be very straightforward for you.
For a game of this calibre, we expect good quality writing. A good understanding of punctuation, grammar, and story prose is key. Don't reply to a three paragraph tag with a single sentence; that'll just piss your peers off.

 It has been our experience that anonymity makes for the cleanest gameplay with the least amount of drama. This allows us to divide our attention between our muses best, as well as keeping it always about one thing only: the game.
Of course, you are not required to stay anonymous, and you are free to be open about your identity and which characters you play. However, if someone reveals their identity to you, you are to keep that information to yourself and not share it. For organizational purposes the mods are the only ones who have all of the players sorted, and even then we may not know names, only email addresses.
the mods and how they fit into the fabric of reality
The mods are bosses, not managers. GODS, NOT PRIESTS. We are not here to tell you how to play, how to interact with the other players, how to run your own life. We are here, however, to make sure the game remains a safe space and a place of respect and fun.
If you end up breaking any of the rules, we have the right to simply remove you. We don't do this easily. We aren't drunk on power, we've been gaming far too long for that (15+ years, really). We just want to enjoy a good game with fun plots and ridiculousness, and understand that rpers don't need a mod breathing down their neck. We aren't here to tolerate players who try to flout every single gap in the rules they can imagine ('But you never explicitly said I couldn't do that!'). If we find you are harming other players, abusing them or the system we have created to get your own way, or, to be frank, are just an asshole, then you're gone. Bye Felicia.

going on hiatus
We all have lives, so you can go on hiatus for a month without it affecting your overall activity. However, if you are going on hiatus, email the mods to let us know, make sure you tell all players who are affected, and list your character as 'on hiatus' in the status of their journal. It is totally okay to only put certain characters on hold, but remember that one month rule.
Hiatus only needs to be declared if you know you're gonna drop off the face of the planet for a bit and you're knee-deep in tags. If you're not involved in anything major and are sort of just chillin', don't worry about it, but it's still a good idea to give the mods a head's up that you're on vacation or something.
Moray Beach will be experimenting with something called activity reporting, in lieu of activity checks. This is meant to make gameplay easier on everyone. Check it all out here.


1. Don't be an asshole.

2. Respect everyone. Your mods, your fellow players, yourself.

3. Be responsibly active.

4. Don't confuse character drama with real life drama.

5. Remember that it's only a game.

6. Have fun! If you're not having fun then why bother?

7. Eat your vegetables.