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Using the Communities

OOC COMM [community profile] moraybeachooc 
Because we don't require any of the players to divulge contact info, the best way to do plot is either on your personal journals via the dropbox, or on the Out Of Character Comm.

Using the comm is more or less self explanatory! Every so often we will post character memes which will help engender discussion, but beyond that, feel free to introduce yourself on the comm when you start and say hello to others. If there's a big plot you're really itching to do and you need volunteers (like a murder mystery, perhaps, or Hangover style escapades?) that's also a great place to start looking and plotting.

The backbone of a game like this is player ingenuity and creativity, and the best stuff happens when you team up, so don't be shy!  

IC COMM [community profile] moraybeach 

The gameplay in Moray Beach will occur in two places, your personal journals and the main comm.

When creating an open thread on the community, it's as simple as typing up your post and tagging it correctly. The basic tags will be your character and it's status as an open thread, or closed to certain characters. You also have the option of having your post open, and closing it after you receive a certain amount of responses. Pretty straightforward.

If threading on your character journals, it's good to post a link drop on the main community so everyone can see what you're up to ;) and read your lovely prose! To make it easy we have a linkdrop code for you, but you're not required to use it, so long as your post has enough information on it. Remember to tag any warnings or triggers!