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acceptable characters

  • Characters whose fandoms have a relation to magic, the supernatural, or highly advanced science where something like jumping through a space-time portal is not completely unbelievable. Think science fiction, high fantasy, modern fantasy, and superhero worlds.
  • Characters with canon drawn clearly from a single source (not, say, an amalgamation of movie, television show, and comics)
  • Characters who are human or with human-like appearance and characteristics (elves, dwarves, aliens, et cetera)
  • Alternate versions of characters from different canons (Cage from Edge of Tomorrow is quite different from Kaiji from All You Need Is Kill)

  • Characters from television sitcoms, run-of-the-mill action movies, canon without magic or adept science.
  • Characters who are anthropomorphic and technically animals (Zootopia, Cars, etc)
  • Characters with background or history in other games
  • Celebrities, historical figures or otherwise real people
  • characters with little/no canonical backstory

Still not sure if your character is allowed?
Email the mods at moraybeach @ gmail [dot] com


So when it comes to the canon of your characters, we allow you to pick and choose your character's 'exit' point in a story before you bring them into Moray Beach, at a point in their characterization you feel most interested in.

In rare cases, we will also allow you some discretion in what you will treat as canon. One of the biggest examples we can think of is a show like Supernatural - as each season goes on the canon becomes more and more unwieldy, with new information making old information incorrect or obsolete. So, for example, you may want to app from an earlier season, and disregard the canon revealed later on.
While we grant you the freedom to pick, if you do this you must give us good reason for it. If this is something you want to do, leave the mods a message in their dropbox, or send an email asking about it and also making your case. Please understand that any decisions the mods make is final.