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life in moray beach


Moray Beach is a small town situated on a tropical island, a twenty minute ferry ride from shore. The town is big enough not to be claustrophobic, small enough that you can recognise quite a few of your neighbours. It’s got all of the basic amenities – a general store, doctor’s office, pizza parlour. Most interestingly, it is populated entirely by people who are just visiting, albeit for an unknown amount of time.

Be it wormhole, portal, a wrinkle in time and space or a transporter gone haywire, people find themselves in town. When it becomes clear they aren’t about to leave anytime soon, it is possible to eke out a living. Some travellers end up taking that ferry ride to shore and settle on the mainland, but many choose to stay in Moray. Really, the place is paradise - even though magic and technology sometimes likes to fizzle out, and your neighbour might be from the middle ages and refuses to use the telephone.

Moray Island's main port is Moray Beach. The interior of the island itself is slightly mountainous with thick growths of ancient trees and plants, though some areas have been converted into orchards and coconut groves. An abundance of tropical fruit is farmed and foraged, and the water is full of fish, crabs, and oysters. Along the shorelines of the island are many private beaches with fishing shacks, and a few even have docks.
While Moray Beach has a lively trade with the mainland, it produces quite a bit on its own. Anything that needs to be brought in off island (like beef) is more expensive, while local produce is always much cheaper (fruit, seafood, chocolate, and so on).


Characters arriving in Moray Beach do so in unexpected ways. They might wake up on the beach, in a janitor's closet at the local high school, in a bed at the motel, stuck up a tree in the interior jungle - really, anywhere. They could even have walked through the front door of their house and suddenly ended up in Moray's public library.
Any attempts to return home are foiled by the very nature of Moray itself. Anyone who has been there for some time will happily tell your character that attempting to build a portal home will end up with nothing but a headache.
You have a choice, when you start here, to have your character as a new arrival or one who has been there for some time.


When you or someone else drops a character, it is easily explained in Moray Beach: through the same mysterious circumstances they arrived, that character has finally been able to go home.
When you app a character that has previously been dropped, you are not obligated to repeat the former’s backstory in game, and can have a fresh start. Because of multiple universes, and stuff. Yeah.


The technology and magical methods your characters are used to/can operate will remain the same, but will sometimes have hilarious moments of not working properly. A simple spell to open a door might cause it to blast off of its hinges, and fancy medical scanners might diagnose a perfectly healthy patient as being dead. Sometimes it's safer to live the mundane life, here.
The radio only works sometimes, and while it can pick up signals from other worlds (like college radio stations or nightly news reports) it is impossible to broadcast anything out. Ditto with television. Also, the internet has yet to be invented here, and citizens from technologically advanced worlds are sort of pissed off about it.
Because of the varying types of people living in Moray, you might come across someone who refuses to use a telephone, think electricity is evil, or has no idea how to cook with anything but a microwave.

Due to the nature of the island, the most popular methods of transport for those who work in the beaches or jungles are all-terrain vehicles. However, a multitude of cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles can be found. There are water taxis available for day trippers who want to visit some of the small fishing, scuba diving and snack shacks on more secluded beaches. There is no bus system in Moray Beach.

Since the town is full of poor suckers who ended up there without warning, they will probably not let your character starve or die of exposure. However, it is expected that your character at least go to school and/or work, or at least be otherwise functional members of society, or they might get on everyone else’s nerves. This brings us to our next section.


Everyone needs to earn their way in the world. Even though your character might have been a world-famous fighter pilot or an heir to a fortune of billions, none of that comes with them to Moray. They need to get a job.
For ideas you can take a look at some major locations in Moray, but by no means are you required to set your character up at any of those places. If you think they'd be better as a gardener for the public gardens or a dog walker, so be it! You can choose to give your character a job similar to one they used to have (provided they would pass screening methods in Moray), or something hilariously different they take out of necessity. Your call.
If you want your character to own a business or work in a location you think would be nice to have added to the game's roster, email the mods and ask us about it! We'll happily add it to the list, but if you quit the game and there are more characters than yours employed there, we will keep the location for their sake. Try not to make it a similar business than one that is already running, but something different.

Moray Beach has a tropical climate similar to Southeast Asia. You can expect a lot of heat, humidity, and, in the rainy season, a lot of... well, rain.

Yes, kind of! We were looking for a small-town aesthetic, but wanted to avoid anything superbly 'American'. It's sort of a blend of Isla Nubar in Jurassic World, Saint Marie in Death in Paradise, and many of the islands in Thailand. If you think of thick, jungle-y tropics and the sort of town where if your car breaks down there's only one person who can fix it and they're probably out fishing for the next two days, you've got a good idea of Moray Beach.